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Border Wars Open Qualifier April 5-6-7

Port Arthur 2018The Elite Redfish Series will kick off the tournament season with an Open Qualifier in Port Arthur Texas with Border Wars 2018

Always wanted to fish head to head against the best but can’t commit to a season long series? 

Always wanted a chance at big time prize money but couldn’t afford the thousands of dollars it’ usually takes to compete on the Elite Series? Then this event is perfect for you, compete head to head on some great redfish waters as part of a great festival and fish your way into the Elite All Star Series.

The anglers of the Elite Redfish Series will once again hit the shores of Lake Sabine and surrounding marshes in search of 3 – 28″ redfish, each of the 3 days they will be competing.

In 2018 the season kick off event will take place as part of Cajun Fest, held annually in Port Arthur and will feature cajun food, fun and heritage. More information to come soon, but suffice it to say, spring fishing in SE Texas is sure to start off the 2018 tournament season in true Headturning fashion…


Email info@htseries.com for your electronic information and registration packet.

  •  TOURNAMENT WATERS, defined and published official tournament waters will be established and marked via google earth maps and delivered to all anglers prior to the start of official practice. Anglers found navigating through or fishing during any day(s) of the event in out of bounds areas will be d.q.’d.
  • 3 DAY AGGREGATE WEIGHT TOURNAMENT, total weight minus penalties will determine place.
  • 50 PRO MAX FIELD, field made up of first 50 anglers paying their entry fee. 
  •  OPEN QUALIFIER SEASONAL KICK OFF EVENT APRIL 5-6-7, 2018, this event is open to anglers paying the entry and membership fees for this single event and being in good standing with the tour.
  • ANGLERS CAN WEIGH 3 REDFISH 20″- 28″ PER DAY, only redfish can be possessed and none smaller than 20″ nor larger than 28″ can be brought in. Anglers will be assessed a 1 pound penalty for any dead fish presented at official bump station for measuring.
  • FIELD OF ANGLERS FISH 2 DAYS, top 10 pros after 2 days move on to fish on day 3 and garner points, with top 5 guaranteed to receive awards.
  • TOP 5 QUALIFY FOR ELITE ALL STAR CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT, top 5 finishers in this event and competing in at least 1 All Star open qualify for All Star Championship October 11-12-13, 2018.
  • POLYGRAPH TESTING, all competitors must be able to take and pass a truth detection test prior to receiving awards. Failing or refusing to take a truth detection test for any reason will result in immediate disqualification and forfeiture of all awards and / or prizes and points.
  • ELITE TELEVISION COVERAGE, this event will be the first in the 2018 television line up airing in 2018 on the Discovery Channel.
  • PRO ENTRY FEES 750.00 
  • Paybacks based on 35 competitors. This is a qualifier for the Elite All Star Tour and thus spots paid in transferable All Star entry credits and checks where shown.
  1. $7,500.00   (Full entry fee to All Star Tour stop 1 and full Championship Entry) 
  2. $5,000.00   (Full entry fee to All Star Tour stop 1)
  3. $3,500.00   (2,000.00 credit for entry fee to All Star Tour stop 1 and check for $1,000.00)
  4. $3,000.00   (2,000.00 credit for entry fee to All Star Tour stop 1 and check for $1,000.00)
  5. $2,250.00   (1,500.00 credit for entry fee to All Star Tour stop 1 and check for $750.00)
  6. $500.00      (check)
  7. $500.00      (check)


PORTART cajun-logo-FINAL-400px

Qualify for Elite All Star Tour stops in 2018 each pay back over 130% on a maximum field size and open to just 25 pros per event!



              NEW IN 2018!!!

       ***Elite All Star Tour Sample: Based on Just 25 Pros!

                 *25 boat Elite All Star Tour stops payback:  


 1st place  (Boat/Motor/Trailer rig)








  2nd place 25,000.00
  3rd place 20,000.00
  4th place 15,000.00
  5th place 10,000.00
  6th place 8,000.00
  7th place 7,000.00
Total Paid    145,000.00


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