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Elite Series Rules and Procedures

Rules for Participation. 2017

Having acquainted myself with the rules and requirements in this document. I have completed review of this entire document and have paid the initial payment(s) due to secure my spot in the Headturners3, LLC Elite Redfish Tournament Series, 2017.

In signing this agreement, I hereby agree to be bound by and comply with all tournament rules, payment schedules, late fines and regulations. I expressly assume all risks associated with the tournament series and I hereby release Headturners3, LLC, the Elite Series, its parent, affiliated and subsidiary companies, the hosts, sponsors and tournament series officials from all claims of death, injury and/or property damage incurred by me in connection with my participation in this tournament series.

I certify that I now have or will obtain prior to any Headturners3, LLC Elite Series event, boat owners liability insurance (including coverage for third party property damage and bodily injury) with no “tournament exclusion,” having a minimum limit of $300,000 per occurrence listing myself as insured on any boat I use during any Headturners3, LLC Elite Series event.

The insurance must be issued by a reputable insurer rated A or better by A.M. Best and Company. At Headturners3, LLC request, I will provide satisfactory evidence of that insurance. I hereby agree to waive my rights of privacy or publicity with regard to the programs of the Elite Series in which I appear and consent to Headturners3, LLC (and its parent, affiliated and subsidiary companies, its owners, directors, employees and agents and those acting under their permission or upon their authority), copyrighting, distributing, televising, publishing and using in any way the audio and visual portions of any television videotape, film and photographs or pictures of me or of interviews, scenes or other sequences in which I may be included, and any reproduction thereof, anywhere at any time through any medium or media for advertising, promotion, trade, television programming or other lawful purpose whatsoever; and I shall not be entitled to receive any royalties or other compensation in connection with such use.

Content Rights.

Headturners3, LLC holds the content rights to the Elite Series tournaments it owns and operates. However, Headturners3, LLC grants certain exceptions, including the following rights and restrictions, to the participants of The Elite Series:

  • All images both still and video shot by anyone including marshals or contracted cameraman taken during competition belong to Headturners3, LLC and is the property of the Elite Redfish Series. Anglers may not post still and/or video images shot during competition, even if shot by contracted cameraman, tour marshals or images including video or images shot with angler’s own phone or camera without the express consent of the tour.

  • Anglers may not post on water updates or other tournament images, video or content directly to their social networks while tournament is underway without express consent from the tour.

  • Anglers may post still and video images, shot during practice periods, for promotional and in social media purposes.

  • Anglers may send photos, videos and updates to officials for exposure on tour website and social media pages.

  • Anglers may not solicit from any video production crew member, marshal or staff member of the Elite Redfish Series for individual purchase, loan or gifting of video or still images shot at an Elite Series event. Anglers may request usage of portions of the video and still images shot at an Elite Series event from HeadTurners3, LLC directly.

  • In social media, anglers may use the Elite Redfish Series hashtag #eliteredfishseries2017 to amplify and spread your post to our broader audience. HeadTurners3, LLC reserves the right to revoke these exceptions, and the angler must remove the tournament-related content, if HeadTurners3, LLC in its discretion believes the content is inappropriate or in any way violates other Elite Redfish Series rules. The Elite Redfish Series wants to help promote both your brand and the sport of professional red fishing through its multimedia assets. If there are stories written about you or by you appearing on, HeadTurners3, LLC grants permission to link to these stories, and any others on our website, from your website or social media pages. Please do credit anytime content such as pictures or stories are copied from our website or social media pages.

Uniforms and Jerseys.

Anglers are encouraged to wear their own clothing, which may bear patches, logos and other signage promoting the angler’s sponsors. HeadTurners3, LLC may, however, restrict the use of patches, logos, signage etc. that promote or advertise products which are, in HeadTurners3, LLC sole judgment, in poor taste.

No tournament trail logos other than the Elite Series can be worn at any official Elite Series activity(s) associated with the tournament, meetings or community events at which those activities and/or tournament is taking place. Jerseys, tournament shirts, rain suits, PFDs and or complete boat wraps cannot display any other tournament series or event logos. Elite Series anglers are required to wear uniform/jersey during takeoff and weigh in, and when on camera.

Elite Series sponsors or angler’s sponsors T shirts, I.E. frogg toggs, IconX and/or other Elite Series sponsor jerseys or shirts including an anglers equipment sponsor may be worn if a tournament jersey is not available to Series angler. However, professional angler attire is required at any official tour activities. IE. captain’s meetings, event launch and weigh ins.


This tournament participation agreement is made by and between Headturners3, LLC. and it’s participants on the Elite Redfish Series (referred to in this Agreement as “angler” or “anglers”.

Welcome to the 2017 Elite Series. Interpretation of both the letter and the spirit of these rules and procedures are written and exclusively interpreted by Elite Redfish Series officials. Decisions on any rule or procedure to follow and the penalties for any violation(s) of the same are solely the decision of Elite RedfishSeries officials and as such are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal.

1. Compliance with Applicable Law.

All anglers participating in an Elite Series event are required to follow applicable federal, state and local regulations and laws. Any violation of such regulations and laws and/or other tournament rules may result in the imposition of a fine, daily weight penalty, fishing time penalty, disqualification from a tournament day, disqualification from the entire tournament, points deductions, disqualification from all future series events, or any combination thereof as decided by series officials.

2. Modification of Tournament Rules.

The rules and procedures for the Elite Series may be modified up and until the first event of the season. After such time these rules shall remain unchanged for the remainder of the tournament season, during the same calendar year except in the case of oversight or omission of tournament rules or procedures, in the tour’s opinion that would need changing in order to ensure fair competition and the safety of all competitors.

3. Eligibility Requirements.

The series reserves the right to deny entry into this series to any angler, person or participant for any reason. Anglers failing or failing to take a requested truth detection test from any tournament or tournament trail or being banned from competition by another tournament or trail may be ineligible to compete in any or all Elite Series events.

4. Entry Fee and Credit Card Procedures.

  • All fees, membership and entry to compete in the 2017 tournament season in a single division of 3 events are 6,000.00 per angler. A 3.5% additional charge will be added to all payments made by means other than check. A 10% svc charge will be applied to any check(s) and the amount for which they were written should they fail to clear when deposited.
  • Payment in full of 6,000.00 is required to compete, garner points and receive paybacks or awards in any or both divisions as well as the 2018 Classic Championship.
  • A total of 6,000.00 is to be paid accordingly:
    • 1000.00 to secure spot in 2017 field.
    • 3500.00 payment for divisional tour stops #1 and #3 must be pre paid for by March 1 (with standard 10 day grace period applying) in the East Division and by April 1 in the West Division. (with same 10 day grace period applying).
    • 1500.00 payment for each division’s 2nd event must be paid by May 1 (with standard 10 day grace period applying) in the East Division and by June 1(with standard 10 day grace period applying) in the West Division.
    • Any angler failing to pay for the 2nd event will forfeit their spot in the 3rd event and all future events without refund or exchange of any entry and/or membership fees paid.
    • Angler(s) failing to pay for the 2nd event will forfeit, cash, prizes and/or any other anticipated awards and will not qualify nor be allowed to compete in any future Headturners3, LLC events until such time as all payments owed along with normal late and/or service fees are paid.
    • Anglers can compete and gain points toward divisional championship in both East and West divisions by entering and paying for all events in each division.
  • Anglers competing in a one division and being current with all payments due may fish an event(s) in another division by paying that event(s) entry fees but will not garner any points toward divisional championship.
  • Only points accrued from a full division of events will count toward an angler’s divisional championship award and classic qualifications.

Note the East and West divisions are totally independent of each other with separate points, prizes and paybacks. Any angler wishing to fish fully both divisions and be eligible for each division’s points and prizes must pay all membership and entry fees for that division.

5. Communication.

The use of mobile communication devices such as cellular telephones, marine radios, walkie-talkies, CBs, pagers or any electronic device able to communicate any information pertaining to fishing or navigation with anyone outside the field of current Elite Series anglers during practice or tournament days is strictly prohibited. Lock information, family emergencies and work related calls may take place as long as no discussions pertaining to fishing information relevant to the tournament or tournament waters at which event is being held on or near is discussed. Anglers can contact anyone at anytime by any means when an safety or distress issue arises.

6. Off limits and Information.

In 2017 there will be no restriction to the number of days or what days of practice and angler fishing the Elite Series can participate in. However for a period of 14 days prior to Monday the week of the tournament and continuing through it’s conclusion, anglers:

  • Can not intentionally seek or intentionally receive information pertaining to fishing, navigation, techniques, equipment and/or other information from ANYONE who is not paid member and participant of the Elite Series and fishing the event for which information was shared. This includes but is not limited to personal or 3rd party exchanges of information made in person, by phone, email, texting, private websites and/or forums. “private” is any forum or social media outlet where an person submits his/her name and/or information and then awaits an approval or acceptance such as face book friends.

  • Can not hire guides nor experts paid by cash or barter in exchange for any information, including but not limited to lures, techniques, location of fish and/or inquiries navigational in nature.

  • Can not loan a boat with navigational equipment on board that is not removable or that does not have the ability to be disabled to anyone during this period and then use the same boat and/or navigational equipment during practice or tournament days.

  • Can not have on their boat experts, guides or other professionals not registered and competing within the same division of the Elite Redfish Series.*

  • Can practice with sponsors, friends and or family members that are not considered experts or capable of providing significant help in locating or catching redfish, navigation, lure selection and/or fishing techniques to the Elite Series competitor. In addition anyone that is a guest on an Elite Redfish Series competitor’s boat during this period and is not a fellow competitor on the series must be someone that does not participate in tournaments where the entry fee exceeds 100.00 per man or 200.00 per team. Some exceptions may apply and will be determined by tour officials on a case by case basis but must be submitted for review prior to off limits to information period beginning or guest rider being on the Elite Series pro’s boat during off limits.*

    *The Elite Redfish Series appreciates and works together with several other Redfish tours and will make every attempt to create exemptions to the off limits rules in order to allow competitors to fish another Redfish tournament during the off limits period. These exemptions will be done on a case by case basis and will be approved or denied based on the information gathered about the person(s) requesting the exemption and/or their tournament fishing partner for the team event in question. During an approved tournament and/or sanctioning of an event or team the Elite Redfish Series pro must make every attempt to abstain from seeking or even the appearance of seeking information from anyone while at the approved tournament, meetings, weigh ins or other tournament functions who is not registered and competing in the same division and/or waters the Elite Redfish Series pro. Upon completion of the approved tournament the Elite Series pro must immediately refrain from any discussions with the team mate or any other non Elite Series pro who is not both registered and competing in the Elite Series division event where the exemption was granted.

7. Extreme Weather.

In the case of severe weather the start of any or all days of an Elite Series event may be delayed and tournament hours lengthened or shortened at the series official(s) discretion.

  • In severe or extreme weather conditions and in an attempt to offer the safest possible launch and return, alternative launch and return location(s) may be instituted. All weather “go or no go” calls will be made solely by series official(s) using the best weather information available to them at the time and location of launch. Should any day(s) of competition be cancelled due to extreme weather or the threat of extreme weather, the remedy for the day(s) cancellation shall be:
  • Day 1 canceled, all anglers fish day 2 with top 5 fishing on day 3.
  • Day 2 canceled, top 5 from day 1 fish on day 3.
  • Day 3 canceled, top 5 from any completed day(s) will determine finish.
  • Days 1-3 (Thurs-Sat) canceled, Sunday of the same week will be used as a last chance to get the event in. In this last chance scenario all anglers fish Sunday in one day “shootout” to determine place of finish.

Should no days of the series event be able to take place over the possible 4 day period, 2 options remain and will be decided by tour officials.

  1. The event shall be rescheduled at a date not closer than 30 days from the original scheduled date of the event.

  2. Move prize money (after tour, production and staff expenses and any venue hosting reimbursements are deducted) and points forward to next event. Depending on production and venue cost reimbursements this option may cause a winner take all for event which was unable to be held and had to be moved forward. However, this “tournament within a tournament” will not affect the purse of the event where make up event is taking place simultaneously.

Should a full cancellation occur at the last event of the regular season, rescheduling of the event on a date not closer than 30 days from the originally scheduled final event will be remain the only remedy. In this case, the make up event may become a 1 or 2 day shootout.

8. Insurance and Registration.

Current liability insurance and state registration is required for each participant in any Elite Series event(s); it is the angler’s responsibility to maintain this coverage and ensure registration is up to date. Any boat not complying with state, federal and local laws governing equipment requirements, registration numbers, decals and their proper display, cannot be used in competition. If such a boat is placed in competition either intentionally or unknowingly, the angler’s catch using that boat for the day(s) it was used will be disqualified regardless of reason.

9. Tournament Field, Divisional Winners and 2018 Classic.

  • One angler per boat, no teams and no draw partners. 40 angler maximum field

  • Each series event is a 3 day tournament with possible weather exceptions. (see 7)

  • Anglers weigh in the state allowed size and creel limit of red drum. (red fish)

  • Anglers can only possess redfish and no fish that violates state law for any amount of time. I.E. oversized or undersized fish that violate state law in the waters those fish are caught or carried in must be released immediately. The practice of temporarily possessing an illegal size fish with hope it will grow or shrink at a future time and fall within legal state size limits is prohibited.

  • States that allow the legal possession of a fish or number of fish outside the tournament size and creel limit, I.E. when in Louisiana waters all anglers are allowed by law to have 1 fish over the 27″ size limit. Even though the tour sets the maximum size limit allowed at weigh in to be 27″ an angler may possess a fish slightly over 27″ legally in hopes it will eventually measure. However, no one by any means is allowed to attempt to manipulate that fish’s length. Over icing, oxygen shock, dropping of fish on nose and similar practices if at any time are discovered by the tour will result in immediate disqualification of the angler from the event.

  • Anglers fish two days of the competition, unless weather or other circumstances causes shortening of event. (see 7)

  • The top 5 anglers will compete on the final day of each series event to determine place of finish. (see 7)

  • Each series event will pay minimum paybacks of 1 in 5, meaning 1 check will be awarded for each 5 anglers competing. I.E. 35 boat field will produce 7 places paid while a 34 boat field will produce 6. Paybacks will be 80% of entry fees at each event, 10% toward divisional grand prize and 10% toward classic grand prize.

  • Each Series Tour Stop will pay back cash amounts according to the number of entrants in the series with the divisional points champion (after 3 events) winning a boat, motor and trailer package with a retail value of $60,000.00. Note: All taxes, factory production and or deliver fees must be paid by the event winning angler prior to taking delivery of boat package. If the boat package is not ready at the time of winning, the winning angler will be responsible for arranging delivery of or pick up his boat package from sponsor supplying the boat, motor and trailer package.

  • Series event winner will receive 200 points toward divisional championship, 2nd place will receive 190 points, 3rd place 180 points, 4th place 170 points and 5th place 160 points. Each place of finish from 6th down having weighed at least 1 fish during an event will receive 150 points. Note: anglers failing to weigh in at least 1 fish during an event will receive 0 points. Tie breaker for tournament and end of year points race to be determined 1st by biggest bag of season, 2nd tie breaker is most fish caught, 3rd tie breaker is least amount of dead fish presented for measuring and if there is still ties after these 3 tie breakers are instituted a coin flip will determine place of finish.

  • Rookie of the year in each division to be recognized.

  • The top 10 anglers in points from each division will qualify for the 2018 Classic Kick Off.

  • The 2018 Classic Kick Off will be a no entry fee Classic with a guaranteed Boat/Motor/Trailer package for the grand prize in a match play format. Read more. Other places paid will be based on sponsorships, calcuttas and or participation in other optional angler bonus entries.

    The series will fill any vacated spots for the Classic with tour picks.

10. Tournament Schedule of Events.

  • Captain’s meeting will be held the day immediately preceding the first day of competition for each event. Meeting begins at 5:30 PM any angler not present and checked in with the official series registrar, for any reason, when the roll of anglers is called (6 PM local time) will be assessed a $250.00 fine which must be paid prior to launch on day 1 of the event. Series anglers failing to be in attendance prior to the end of meeting and the official dismissal of anglers will pay a $500.00 fine which must be paid prior to launch on day 1 of the event and will launch in the last position on day 1 of the event. Should an angler fail to show up to an event altogether and thus having missed that event’s captain’s meeting, the same penalty applies and will be enforced at the following event.

  • Some Elite Series tournaments will open at 6:45 AM local time with the ceremonial FIRST CAST. In this opening day official kick off of ceremony a community official, sports figure or other dignitary or celebrity will make the “first cast” of the tournament immediately following the playing of the national anthem. All series anglers will be expected to be at launch site and participate in this short ceremony. During this ceremony on day one 6:45-7:00 AM local time series anglers must shut off outboard motors and cease from launching their boats.

  • Each series launch will begin with the first flight at 7:00 AM local time and continue with the second flight at 7:15 AM local time. Possible delays may take place due to fog or inclement weather (see 9). Should a fog or weather delay take place the series will attempt to add additional time to the fishing day but will not guarantee that extra time will be added. There is no minimum amount of fishing time required for any day or days of competition to be considered “official”. Only one day of competition in a series event is required for an event winner to be determined.

  • Anglers will launch according to computer generated random draw on day 1 of the event and according to official place of finish on all subsequent days.

  • Anglers launching at 7:00 AM must return to official check point prior to 3:00 PM and anglers launching at 7:15 AM must return to official check point prior to 3:15 PM. Failing to return to official check point for any reason and checking in with tour’s time official by the appointed time will result in disqualification for that day and a zero weight recorded. The only exception would be if instructed differently by a series official and or a weather caused adjustment to the length of the tournament day and or a required moving of check in location.

  • Anglers can return to check in/weigh in stage area and have fish checked for live or dead one hour prior to opening of scales as announced at captain’s meeting and or at the launch the morning of the event. Anglers may or may not be allowed to weigh their catch at that time.

  • Anglers can not return to tournament waters any time after any day’s weigh in, prior to the next day’s launch, except in the case of housing or mechanical issues in which case an angler may be granted a waiver to return temporarily to tournament waters to get to their room or test an engine repair, etc. but must check with Series official first for guidelines on returning to event waters prior to doing so or they may incur penalty.

11. Mechanical and Navigational.

  • For mechanical reasons only an series approved mechanic may temporarily ride along for the purpose of determining and remedying a mechanical issue, however no information pertaining to fishing and or navigation can be sought for or received pertaining to the tournament waters, lures, techniques or any other tournament related information that could be considered helpful, by series officials to the angler during this time.

  • It is the angler’s responsibility to notify a series official by phone of a mechanical issue, mechanic’s name and duration of time he/she is expected to be on board prior to boarding of an series angler’s boat during practice or competition.

  • Should an angler have mechanical issue on the final day of a series event, they must borrow, rent or purchase any electronic navigational device from someone still in the field, from an retail dealer with a store front business or a factory representative not competing in the event.

  • No electronic navigational equipment with existing weigh points or tracks and without the ability to be disabled is allowed to be loaned to an series angler by a non series angler during any practice or tournament day(s). However, series anglers may use their own navigational equipment on a boat that was borrowed, rented or purchased for or during the competition.

12. Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs.

Any angler consuming or carrying alcoholic beverages or drugs (other than their own current prescriptions) during tournament hours (which begins when boat checks start and ends at conclusion of weigh in) will be incur penalty(s) as shown in paragraph 1. Anglers that consume any alcohol prior to a requested truth verification test of the day in which the test is being administered will be disqualified from the tournament and forfeit any winnings or expected winnings as well as points for that event.

13. Bait and Tackle.p1331739094

Only artificial lures may be used and only artificially produced bait attractants. No live or dead bait allowed. Only one rod at a time may be used per angler. A cast must be fully retrieved before another cast can be made by the same angler. All redfish must be caught alive in a conventional sporting manner and in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. Trolling as a method of fishing is prohibited. Anglers must cast, flip or pitch their lure to the fish they catch. No snagging off fish, netting of fish or scooping of distressed surface fish is allowed. No multi lure rigs allowed, I.E. Alabama umbrella rig.

14. Anglers Must Remain in Boat.

All angling must be conducted from the boat. Anglers cannot leave the boat to cast to, catch or land a fish. Angler(s) may leave the boat and seek safe shelter in bad weather where danger may be imminent but must continue to follow all tournament rules and procedures during this period. Anglers may leave their boat to pull it out of an area where tides have gone out but cannot leave their boat to gain access to any area and must wait on water levels to rise enough to allow entry. No jumping berms, dykes, land masses or any object blocking entrance to any waterway, either man made or natural.

15. Mechanical Break Downs.

Anglers experiencing boat or engine trouble have the following remedies:

  • Series Anglers can only board the boat of another competitor fishing the series, except in the case of an extreme medical emergency or where immanent danger, i.e. boat sinking, boat on fire, etc..
  • Series Angler’s boats experiencing mechanical failure may be towed in by any one.
  • Series angler(s) forced to board the boat of a non Series angler may have their catch for the day D.Q.’d.
  • Series angler(s) boarding the boat of another Series angler and transferring his catch must keep his fish separate and well marked. Both series anglers can no longer scout or fish and must proceed immediately to launch/return location.
  • Anglers needing or receiving any assistance from any one should communicate to a series official, the boat number(s) of the assisting boat and the time(s) aid was requested, performed, began and completed.

16. Tournament and Private Waters.

Series anglers or guest on their boat may not participate in any of the following to navigate, fish, practice or compete.

  • Lift, unlock or pass through gates, chains, booms or other canal or river objects (not including lock systems between public waters) normally closed and used to restrict boat traffic in what is known or should be known to be private waters and not open to all anglers equally. Any water without obvious vessel restricting objects could still be private and anglers must leave and not return during practice or any days of tournament competition if asked to leave. Returning to the same waters after being asked to leave, even through alternate routes during practice or the event will result in disqualification.

  • Anglers may not navigate nor fish any waters where a membership is required to be paid unless that membership is made available to Series officials and all Series anglers equally prior to the first day of official practice.

  • Jumping of dikes, land masses or any other object, natural or man made to enter or exit an area is prohibited.
  • Anglers are not permitted to cast/fish within 100 yards of a competitor’s boat (not separated by land or jetties but in same body of water) which is anchored (an anchored boat is a boat held in a stable position by a line attached to a weight, power-pole, talon or other device used for keeping a vessel in place and/or tethered and stationary) and has the trolling motor in the stowed position. If the boat does not have a trolling motor, the definition of “anchored” still applies to stationary boats held in place by the manner herein described.

17. Live Fish.

Every effort must be made to keep redfish alive. Series anglers can only possess and weigh in red fish in the size and quantity that state and federal game laws allow, per day without the use of special tagging or size permits. Taking or possession of red drum in federal waters is prohibited.

  • A .75 pound penalty will be assessed per dead fish presented to fish bumper for measuring. Counting of fish for being alive or dead will be determined at time of measuring of fish once the early check in period (1 hour prior to scales opening and lasting 45 minutes) has passed.
  • No culling of dead fish allowed.
  • Elite Series fish bumper reserves the right to refuse any red fish deemed to have been altered, (accidentally or intentionally) and/or damaged sufficiently to make determining the exact length of the fish’s overall tail non conclusive. Fish with abnormal, severely damaged (healed over or not) or deformed tails will not be accepted, regardless of length. Fish with a majority of it’s tail (especially the top portion) in tact, normal in appearance and having no fresh cuts, bleeding or damage and appears to be a “normal” tail when perfect pincher is applied will be accepted.
  • Each fish will only be measured with its’ head to the left of the Series measuring official and the fish’s belly facing the Series measuring official’s belly. Fish measured on this singular side only.
  • Angler(s) can take a picture and submit via text to tournament official for ruling during tournament on a fish’s overall condition including the tail and head area. Whether or not the damage to a fish or it’s tail rendering it unacceptable was done by the angler presenting it or not has no bearing on the decision to accept or deny the fish.
  • State allowed size and creel limits will be used at each event. Anglers must not be in possession of an illegally sized or quantity of fish for the waters they are in, regardless of where the fish were caught.
  • Re weighs of a limit of fish are only executed by the weigh master (not at the request of any angler) and based solely on his judgment of conditions when the automatic scales rendered their final, computer controlled weight.
  • The Series will provide tanks with cool, aerated water for anglers to use while in line to have their fish measured. Series Anglers will use their own weigh bags, water filled coolers or other forms of transport to fish bumper and or tanks.
  • Should the Series delay (and only in the event of a delay by the Series) in opening the weigh scales at designated time, the Series will make every effort to check angler’s fish for live or dead prior to being presented to fish measuring official.
  • Dead fish may be kept separate from live fish but only with water or an ice substitute, i.e. frozen bottles of water, Arctic Ice or similar ice replacement products can be used, no ice allowed.
  • All lures, hooks, jig heads, etc. must be removed from fish prior final weight being recorded. In an attempt to keep the fish alive anglers may wait until the fish has been counted live or dead to remove hook or jig. Failure to notify official and having a fish weighed with a hook, lure, jig or other object in it’s mouth may incur a penalty equal to a dead fish penalty.
  • Series anglers may not intentionally attempt to manipulate the weight or length of any redfish.

18. Safety, Boats, Motors and Accessories.

Safe boat conduct must be observed at all times by competitors. During all days of competition, each boat passenger must wear a Coast Guard-approved chest type life preserver anytime the combustion engine is in operation. This preserver must be strapped, snapped or zippered securely and maintained in that condition until the combustion engine is out of gear or shut off. Violation of this rule may be reason for penalty and/or disqualification. The Coast Guard requires that Inflatable PFDs be worn at all times unless there is an equal number of non-inflatable Coast Guard approved PFD’s on board. Elite anglers must carry two Coast Guard approved chest-type life preservers per boat.

  • When boating in low visibility situations i.e. fog, heavy rain, during both practice and competition, competitors must operate their boats at a safe speed and in a safe manner as determined by series officials.
  • Only a single engine outboard powered boat is allowed to be used in official practice or competition. No air boats, pump driven or multiple engine boats allowed for practice or competition. All boats used in competition must be seaworthy and powered sufficiently to be considered safe for operation in all weather conditions that may arise.
  • Anglers cannot loan their boat and/or electronic equipment such as g.p.s., to another angler not competing in the Elite Redfish Series during “dead zone/off limits” period, practice days or competition and then repossess of the same vessel to use during Series official practice days or any days of competition at a Elite Redfish Series tournament.
  • All boats used in competition must be equipped with and be connected to angler an ignition kill switch anytime combustion engine is operating and in gear. Idling without being in gear does not require kill switch connection to angler.
  • All boats used in competition should have the official Redfish Series sticker affixed to their windshield or other prominent location.
  • All boats used in competition may be subject to The Redfish Series officials acceptance in regards to proper registration numbers, sticker, length/size, h.p., live well, coastguard and other ratings determined by Series officials to be in order.
  • Fuel may be carried only in factory installed (built-in) fuel tanks or coast guard approved portable containers following all state, federal and local laws that would be applicable. Anglers needing additional fuel during the tournament day must be purchase it from a retail facility open to the public and purchased the day of it’s use. Anglers cannot fill cans with fuel then store them at an camp or other location and use for refueling.

19. Protest and Truth Detection.

Protest must be submitted, in writing with a $100 non refundable payment per protest within 15 minutes of the closing of the weigh in scales. The decision of the series official(s) hearing protest will be final.

  • Acts not officially protested within 15 minutes after the final angler has weighed in will not be heard. Protest must be made in writing and in the presence of tour official(s) and competitor being protested.
  • Possible exceptions would include a series official, technical equipment made an obvious error in postings or the revelation of a ticketed moving violation given to an angler making a check who failed to notify Series officials. Such will carry necessary action.
  • Should a truth detection test be needed to settle a protest, the angler protesting and the angler being protested must render the fee for the test to the series prior to testing. The winner of truth detector test will receive refund of test fee.
  • HeadTurners3, LLC and the Elite Series acts as a broker when hiring the truth detection administrator and has no influence on procedures, type of test, the amount of time or the results of the testing.
  • All truth detection results are final and not contestable by any Elite Redfish Series competitor(s).
  • Any claim or disagreement with truth detection results or the administration of the test must be settled between Series angler(s) being tested and the person and or company administering the truth detection test. HeadTurners3, LLC, the Elite Series, its parent, affiliated and subsidiary companies, the hosts, sponsors and tournament series officials are not involved in or in any way responsible for the results of or methods used in any truth detection test given.

    If any Elite Redfish Series angler believes they cannot pass a truth detection test for any reason, they can not fish the Elite Series.

20. Sportsmanship.

Elite Series anglers are required to display courtesy, safety and follow all boating and game laws.

  • Anglers are bound by the prevailing statues and regulations of the various states within which they fish, series anglers are responsible for research of fishing and boating regulations, including proper registrations of vessel used in event, fishing licenses, size limits of catch, private waters, idle and manatee zones, etc..
  • Angler(s) proved to be displaying poor sportsmanship or violating game, boating laws or the letter and spirit of these sportsmanship rules will be subject to penalty.
  • Anglers must obey all local, state and federal laws in regards to harassing fish and wildlife.
  • Anglers cannot purposely attempt to hurt another angler’s opportunity at catching fish. Any act or action deemed to be intentionally made in an attempt to displace, scatter or intentionally hurt fish or fishing in an area is strictly prohibited.
  • An act committed by series angler(s) deemed by series officials to be unsportsmanlike or done in an attempt to gain a significant, unfair advantage or if an angler(s) intentionally commits an unsportsmanlike act toward other angler(s) during a series event not considered conventional in the scope of normal tournament competition may result in penalties.
  • A series angler(s) receiving a ticket for any reason will result in disqualification of the day’s catch for the day that the ticket was issued. Failure to disclose receiving a citation/ticket to Series officials will result in immediate disqualification from the entire event with all awards and points being forfeited for that event. A second failure by a Series angler to notify Series officials of a citation/ticket received will result in expulsion from tour without refund of entry fees.

Angler Code of Conduct:

As an angler on the 2017 Headturners3, LLC Elite Series I agree and accept the rules and procedures as described above and willingly agree to compete within the scope and spirit of each. Furthermore, as a professional angler and steward of the outdoors and environment, I shall use my best efforts to demonstrate professionalism, ethical behavior, sportsmanship and integrity in support of the sport of professional red fishing.

I will at all times, during both series practice days as well as each day(s) of competition, be mindful of those with whom I share the water, land and environment and conduct myself accordingly as a guest and visitor in the locations that I practice and compete in.

As an professional angler on the Elite Series, I understand my actions are scrutinized and should I violate any of the provisions or spirit of the series rules above or the provisions of this Angler Code of Conduct, I may be subject to fines, forfeiture of tournament winnings, suspension from competing in any individual HeadTurners3, LLC event, a permanent ban from competition, or any combination of these sanctions.

I agree and accept the rules and procedures above and by my signature agree to abide by each of them and any variations of the same delivered verbally or through electronic device by Series officials to the field.

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