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Battle on the Boardwalk


This event there’s going to be a Battle on the Boardwalk taking place in Kemah Texas when 100+ teams converge on the Kemah Boardwalk in the Check It Stik Team Open tournament, presented by Skeeter Boats, Yamaha Outboards, McClain Trailers, G-Juice, frogg toggs, Check it Stik and other fine sponsors…

Notes specific to this event.

  • This event will be filmed, edited and produced to air on Discovery Channel in 2018 as part of the Elite Redfish TV Show. Anglers must be willing to have a cameraman on their boat if requested.
  • Monday the week of this event, September 3rd begins official practice period and off limits/dead period to intentionally seeking or intentionally try to receive information pertaining to fishing, navigation, techniques, equipment and/or other information from anyone who is not a paid participant of this event and are not themselves fishing this event. 
  • This event will award a total payback equal to or greater than 100% of all entry fees in 1st – 10th awards.
  • 2 Angler teams compete over 2 days with a team’s 2 day total weight minus penalties determining place.
  • Anglers must read, sign, initial, staple and turn in all required documents before or at captain’s meeting.
  • A team must be represented by at least 1 team member at the official captain’s meeting.
  • All 2 man teams must remain in tact for entirety of tournament. 
  • State creel and size limit per day allowed 3 – fish 20″-28″ per day with no over fish allowed in this event.
  • All state, local, federal laws and tournament rules and procedures in rules document must be complied with.
  • Both team members of winning team must be able to take and pass polygraph prior to awarding of grand prize.
  • 600.00 entry fee plus any electronic payment charges per team to enter this event.
  • Optional 250.00 plus any electronic payment charges will be offered for big bag of the tournament.
  • Big bag award will payback 1 in 5 entrants and champion’s trophy.
  • 100 team full field will activate payback table shown below with no additional promises of payment due to field consisting of over 100 teams.
  • These event specific notes do not represent the totality of all rules and procedures in regards to this event nor do they contradict or work in conflict with rules and procedures as spelled out in rules document.


Schedule of Events: 

  • September 7 – 3:30 – 5:00 PM  open for tournament check in and big bag entry at tournament rig weigh in location.
  • September 7 – 5:00 – 6:30 PM captain’s meeting at tournament rig weigh in location. Food truck will be on site.
  • September 8-9  first flight launch at 6:30 AM. Sat/Sun at Kemah Boardwalk ramp. 
  • September 8-9 first flight check in at 2:30 PM. Sat/Sun at Kemah Boardwalk ramp.
  • Weigh in begins promptly at 2:30 PM local time each day.


  • 2 angler teams fish both days, aggregate weight minus any penalties determines finish.
  • Each team can weigh a maximum of 3 redfish per day 20″-28″.
  • .75 pound penalty for each dead fish brought in.
  • First and second place payback GUARANTEED.
  • 100 team full field will activate payback table shown below with no additional promises of payment due to field consisting of over 100 teams.

Entry fees:

  • Total entry fee is 600.00 per team, no membership and no additional registration fees.
  • Optional 250.00 side pot will be offered for those that choose to participate.

Register Your Team Today:

  • To register your team in this event, email your request to enter to and we will send you the official electronic registration and payment form. Please reference KEMAH OPEN in your email.

Sponsor’s Bonus:

  • *First 35 teams in either event to pay 100.00 security deposit and compete will receive Official Elite measuring system check it stik and perfect pincher. 
  • **First 25 teams signing up for either event and paying full entry will receive. 
  1. Frogg toggs rain suit (value 300.00 per x 2 = 600.00 value)
  2. Official Elite measuring system, check it stik and perfect pincher (value 100.00 per)

All prizes and sponsor items based on sponsor participation at time of event.

  1st place *60,000.00
  2nd place *10,000.00
  3rd place    6,000.00
  4th place    5,000.00
  5th place    4,000.00
  6th place    3,000.00
  7th place    2,500.00
  8th place    2,000.00
  9th place    1,500.00
10th place    1,000.00
Total Paid  95,000.00

*Boat/Motor/Trailer Package 



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