Feb 09

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Elite Redfish Series On Demand in 2016


The Academy Sports + Outdoors HT Professional Redfish Series Announces Partnership:

The Yellowfin Elite Redfish Tournament Series Partners to be On Demand in 2016


Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 8.23.49 PMOrlando, FL: Today, HT3 Outdoors, LLC, producer of professional Elite redfish events throughout the Gulf Coast region has partnered with RBVM TV to bring all the exciting action of the Yellowfin Elite Redfish Tournament Series to On Demand viewers.

In addition to returning for another exciting season on Discovery Network’s Destination America the Elite Redfish Series will have all shows, angler profile videos, tips and tricks and more On Demand in 2016.

Popular on demand platforms like Roku, Amazon Prime TV, Apple TV, Hulu and other web based providers will offer, at no charge to the viewership, our channel the Elite Redfish Series and it’s full episodes, tips and tricks as well as angler snippets, much like you see on the Elite Vimeo or YouTube websites now.

The big difference, now they will be on your television screen.

Should a fan of the Elite Redfish Series miss an episode on Destination America they will now be able to turn on their television tune in to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV or several other web based television compatible networks that will be carrying our show.

With the purchase of an Amazon prime TV stick, Apple TV or Roku stick or box viewers can watch movies, television shows, sporting events and now in 2016 our Elite Redfish Series show at NO CHARGE.

We are excited to join Netflix, Fox, CBS and other national networks that see the value to their viewers and sponsors in becoming a part of these platforms and on demand channels and feel our viewers will enjoy this media option as much, if not more than their current cable provider. No need to choose though, viewers can have both, they work independently of each other simply by selecting different video inputs on your current HDMI ready TV.
100% control over all content and as many categories within our channel as we like will create an never ending supply of our content that will rival other outdoor and tournament action providers like Bassmaster and FLW Outdoors. While the Amazon Prime Fire TV and Apple TV channels are still being constructed our Elite Redfish Series is live on Roku with an full episode, pro files, tips and tricks and commercial categories being updated daily. 
Learn more about this exciting new media platform at RokuAmazon Prime TV or Apple TV just to name a few.


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