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Morgan City, LA. July 12-13


The 2019 tournament season continues with the Check It Stik Team Tournament Series in Morgan City Louisiana. In 1937, Morgan City became known as the “jumbo” shrimp capitol of the world. A community strongly rooted in Catholicism and tradition, a “blessing of the fleet” was held to insure a safe return and a bountiful harvest. This was the inception of the Louisiana Shrimp Festival, the state’s oldest chartered harvest festival.

Tournament Format Overview:

  • 100 team maximum full field.
  • Two competitors per boat required, no fishing a event as a single angler team.
  • The same 2 competitors that begin a event must finish the event.
  • Once event has began no subs, alternates or fishing alone for any reason in this event.
  • All teams fish 2 days with their 2 day total weight minus any penalties to determine place.
  • All teams can weigh in 4 fish, 16″-27″ per day. No oversized fish allowed for this event.
  • The top 25 teams after all qualifying events will advance to the 2019 Atlas All Star Team Championship.
  • All points, prizes and paybacks are paid to and follow the listed captain of the team.
  • This event included in Team of the Year points race.
  • Complete list of rules here.

Tournament Entry Fees and Paybacks:

  • Entry fee is 800.00 per team for this event.
  • A optional 200.00 per team angler advantage bonus program will be offered.
  • A optional 200.00 per team big bag bonus program will be offered.
  • Checks are paid back 1 spot per every 7 teams entered. 80% at event, 10% at championship.
  • Optional big bag and angler advantage pay back = 100% paid 1 spot for each 5 teams entered.

Schedule of Events all taking place at:

Jesse Fontenot Memorial Boat Landing
700 River Rd.
Berwick, LA 70342

  • Thursday, July 11 Captain’s Check In 5:00-6:00 PM
  • Friday, July 12 and Saturday July 13, Open for Boat Check at 5:30 AM
  • Friday, July 12 and Saturday July 13, First flight launch at 6:30 AM
  • Friday, July 12 and Saturday July 13, First flight check in stage side at 2:30 PM

STOP! If you have not filled out a angler administration form you must do that first prior to registering for this event… Go here to fill out form.

Must be named prior to the week of the event. If alternate not being used, leave blank.
Must be entered and pre paid prior to the week of the tournament.
Recorded captain sponsor will be used if sponsor change is necessary must be done prior to captain's meeting.

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