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Port Lavaca, TX. August 30-31

The 2019 tournament regular season concludes with the Check It Stik Team Tournament Series and a return to Port Lavaca Texas for teams last chance to qualify for the Tidewater Boats Championship. Port Lavaca is a city in Calhoun County, located just 130 miles southwest of Houston. Port Lavaca is located near the center point of the 275-mile Texas Gulf Coast, offering visitors a wide variety of public park facilities, RV accommodations and excellent marinas. The tropical, seaside environment and community charm add to an attractive, family-oriented Vacation! Please read the rules before proceeding.

Tournament Format Overview:

  • 100 team maximum full field.
  • Two competitors per boat required, no fishing a event as a single angler team.
  • As of opening of official practice (Monday the week of the event at 6:00 AM local time) no 3 angler teams can be formed, i.e. a team naming a alternate cannot practice with that alternate and then compete with another angler, even the original angler the alternate was subbing for, nor the same example in reverse.
  • The same 2 competitors that begin a event must finish the event.
  • Once a event has began no subs, alternates or fishing alone for any reason in this event.
  • All teams fish 2 days with their 2 day total weight minus any penalties to determine place.
  • The top 25 teams after all qualifying events will advance to the 2019 Atlas All Star Team Championship.
  • All points, prizes and paybacks are paid to and follow the listed captain of the team.
  • This event included in Team of the Year points race.
  • Read the rules here before signing up.

Tournament Entry Fees and Paybacks:

  • Entry fee is 800.00 per team for this event.
  • A optional 200.00 per team angler advantage bonus program will be offered.
  • A optional 200.00 per team big bag bonus program will be offered.
  • Checks are paid back 1 spot per every 7 teams entered. 80% at event, 10% at championship.
  • Optional big bag and angler advantage pay back = 100% paid 1 spot for each 5 teams entered.

Schedule of Events all taking place at: Bayfront Peninsula Park

  • Thursday, August 29 Captain’s Check In 5:00-6:00 PM
  • Friday, August 30 and Saturday August 31, Open for Boat Check at 5:30 AM
  • Friday, August 30 and Saturday August 31, First flight launch at 6:30 AM
  • Friday, August 30 and Saturday August 31, First flight check in stage side at 2:30 PM
Must be named prior to the week of the event. If alternate not being used, leave blank.
Must be entered and pre paid prior to the week of the tournament.
Recorded captain sponsor will be used if sponsor change is necessary must be done prior to captain's meeting.

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