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Say What?

See what our customers / anglers say about The Elite Redfish Series events.

  • When it came down to it, you stepped up above and beyond by paying out more than you brought in. I couldn’t be more impressed with how you took care of your anglers. Hats off to you for doing that. I look forward to meeting the rest of the guys and to helping promote the tour and the sport as a whole. Tight lines! TJ
  • I’m pretty humbled to see these results and feel extremely proud to get this kind of support from my fellow anglers. I’d be happy to represent these guys on the committee and appreciate beyond words their confidence. ER
  • The anglers of the HT Redfish Series E-40 tour comprise the only set of defined professional redfish anglers in the world and I wish us all the very best as we continue to build a regional sport that deserves national recognition. GG
  • I will be fishing the tour again in 2015 and am honored to serve on the committee. CJ
  • Great competition committee. Thanks for a great ear and for listening to everyone’s concerns. I am impressed being my first year. Thanks again. LR
  • The tour, and especially the E40, gives me the chance to get out of my comfort zone and learn more about the fish and the sport, but also my fellow anglers. The caliber of men and anglers on your tour is untouchable. Great guys that are willing to help anybody at a moment’s notice. Fishing your tours has without a doubt made me a better guide and Charter Capt, but has also helped me maintain a level of humility that I think is imperative in life. That’s saying a lot after doing this for almost 20 years. You’ve got a good thing going, you’ve brought redfishing back to where it was and more. And I think next year it will be at a level that most folks never dreamed of. I’m fired up for next year! JH
  • Thank you for a well ran tournament this past weekend. Even though we didn’t place as high as I would have liked to, I enjoyed it and everything was conducted in a professional manner. I would like to thank you also for holding the tournament back a little on Day 1 with the heavy fog, we as anglers want to get out there and start going however safety should always come 1st. You did the right thing and it shows professionalism to keep safety as the 1st priority. MM
  • You and your team did a great job and we are looking forward to the rest of this year. JD
  • Great job in Jacksonville. Best tour around. ML
  • Just wanted to say thanks for putting on a first class event in Jacksonville. Everyone I spoke with had a great time. We appreciate all the hard work by you and your team to make it happen. Looking forward to Titusville. DS
  • We definitely want to continue working with you and your group. It is amazing the success you guys have had even through this tough economy. JC
  • I just wanted to say that I was impressed with the professionalism that was shown by you and your staff during the tournament. I hope that the HT series has found a new home here in Jacksonville and I know I will fish your tour again next year. See you in Titusville! JR
  • Just want you to know how much I appreciate all the publicity and your updates in keeping us informed as to how our sponsorship dollars are being utilized for your tournament…you are the best!!! AV
  • Probably one of the best run tournaments that I have ever fished. Even with the challenges of the weather everything went very smoothly. The addition of Dwayne and Tammy are great assets to the series and each did a great job and were a pleasure to meet. JW
  • I must say I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for these tournaments. I believe you have redfishing headed in a direction that will change the sport forever and I’m glad to be a part of it. Also I think Dwayne does a fantastic job at being the director. Super excited!!! TF
  • We can’t thank you enough for the hard work you, Tammy and Dwayne did this weekend putting on a first class tournament. I have watched you guys build this tour over the last few years and promote not only the tournament but the anglers, with the coverage you do and done with a first class performance. JJ
  • You guys have the best run tour and nicest equipment by far. Tammy and Dwayne seem to be very good additions to the team, although all your tournaments have always been run very well I think this past weekend was leaps and bounds better. It was evident that having those 2 on board allowed you to focus on the things that you needed to take care of and that you are good at, the whole production seemed faster and better. CS
  • I just wanted to say thanks for all that you do. You do a great job and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks for what you do for the tour, but also for us as anglers. I was just asked to go to Cary, NC this past weekend to “sign autographs and do some demonstrations” for Bomber Saltwater Grade. Who on earth would want my autograph? Turns out, quite a few people did. The staff knew who I was when I got there and several folks recognized me. Strange feeling but I know a lot of that is because of the tour and the exposure you help us get. Just wanted to say thanks. JH

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