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Apr 04

Classy Anglers at Classic Events

Monday, today, official practice is underway and several Elite Series pros are lined up and ready to go... but not to practice. No, these Elite Series pros know all about floods and devastation and that's why several of them have put down their rods and picked up shovels, rakes and hand trucks to help a local school in Orange, Texas recover from recent flooding. Spearheaded by Plano Tackle pro, Mike Frenette who saw a need and wanted to do more, in his words, than "just come to town to fish and win money, sure it's the Classic, but somethings are just more important". Mike went on to say, "It's amazing to see so many giving up a major part of their practice time to come out and help, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised, that's the kind of guys we have on the Elite Series". Very well said Mike and a great testament to the type of anglers that make up not just the Elite Redfish Series but redfishing in general, we are just proud to have the support of so many fine anglers and people.

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