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Nov 09

Huk Performance Fishing Gear Elite again in 2016

The Yellowfin Elite Series is not for the faint of heart, it's built only for the best of the best, just like Huk Performance Fishing Gear. The exciting series, it's anglers, their families, friends and fans will benefit from yet another company trusting it's brand and throwing their full support behind the ultimate challenge in professional red fishing, The Elite Series!

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Mar 01

Dufrene comes from 7th place to win

What a fabulous weekend for The Redfish Series… 5 fish limit per angler, per day, 1 pro per boat with no team mate or armature partner, head to head, mano y mano for the first time ever took place in the kickoff event of the 2014 Yellowfin Elite Series.

Paul Dufrene won the event with 89.24 pounds and took home the top prize of over $10,000.00 in cash.Read more here...

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