Oct 14

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Elite Release of 2019 Team Format

Anglers “Team Up” to capture top cash and prizes.

NEDERLAND, Texas. (October 15, 2018) – The sport of professional redfishing may be enjoying it’s best days since the early 2000’s with tour and trails popping up everywhere along Gulf and Atlantic coastal communities. Nationally televised events like the Elite Redfish Series on Discovery Channel offers anglers and companies tremendous exposure and a avenue by which, in a coordinated effort they can reach the buyer and end user with their product(s) and brand.

Since 2014 the Elite Redfish Series has focused solely on a model that offers high dollar paybacks to a more limited field of competitors fishing head to head, just 1 angler per boat with no teams nor draw partners. The Elite Redfish Series has been and continues to be the leader and most lucrative inshore saltwater tournament series in the country. Invitational fields of just 20-25 professional anglers paying higher entry fees and traveling across the Gulf Coast have resulted in fewer anglers fishing for more money than ever before in the history of our sport.

In late 2017 it was decided that a broader approach was needed in order to reach more grass roots anglers while offering the same high caliber paybacks and tournament experience. It was decided in late 2017 that the Elite Redfish Series would again offer anglers the chance to team up and fish with a partner during a Elite Redfish Series tournaments.

The “test” fields were Hopedale, LA and Kemah, TX. Both venues would offer something completely different and unique to their geographical areas. The first team event produced by the Elite Redfish Series since 2014 was a tremendous success garnering 117 teams, 234 anglers, families and friends. Read more on the LA event here. The Kemah event with a last minute change of venue would offer about ½ that many but still a substantial increase over the norm of just 25 anglers per event.

It became obvious that a lot of anglers from Florida to Texas, North Carolina to Alabama and all points in between wanted to take part in the Elite Redfish Series team events. These lower entry fee, 2 day open tournament formats still offered the same top prize as the more expensive and less accessible Elite one man tour. Thanks to Skeeter Boats, Yamaha Outboards and McClain trailers, teams could now sign up and hit the big stage for a chance to win their own 60 thousand dollar prize package just like the Elite One Man pros at a fraction of the cost and do so while sharing the expenses and travel with a team mate.

When B.A.S.S. Elite pro, Shaw Grigsby joined his good friend and redfish legend, Mike Frenette in both events, we knew we were on to something and on to something big. As Shaw stated, from stage, “bottom line, these team events are just fun”. The decision on our direction moving forward was cemented and we are excited to announce the following for 2019:

The Elite Redfish Series will focus solely on producing 6 large, professional team open events with the lower entry fee, higher payback 2 anglers per team format. Some events will take place as part of established festivals or other large format venues while all 6 will be filmed and produced again by Deep Fork Productions to air on Discovery Channel. “We want to put the fun back in our sport and the more people taking part, the more fun there is”, Pat Malone, host of the Elite Redfish Tournament and Television Series.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in professional redfishing and we look forward to the hundreds if not thousands of new faces, friends and fans that are sure to take advantage of this opportunity. From the seasoned pros looking to stay on top in this sport to the grass roots anglers just looking forward to the competition and camaraderie that is part of all Elite Redfish Series Events, one thing is for sure. The Atlas All Star and Check It Stik Team Open Tours will have something for everyone.

The 2019 season will kick off in Louisiana – Grand Isle, Slidell and Morgan City will each host events prior to the tour’s Texas swing which includes Port Lavaca, Kemah and South Padre Island. It’s going to be a exciting season on the Elite Redfish Tournament and Television Series and coming off of another record setting year with nearly 3/4 of a million dollars paid back to the anglers competing on the Elite Redfish Series, we expect that number to increase in 2019.

To learn more on this exciting opportunity to partner with the premier redfishing tournament series in the country or to find out how you can place a team in one or more of these HeadTurning events, please visit the Elite Redfish Series’…

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