Sep 15

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The Elite Series Expands in 2017



2017 will mark a few changes in the Elite Redfish Tournament Series the major one being a 2 division series with plans to expand to 3 divisions in 2018. The East vs West format will pit some of the very best anglers in the country against one another in the only professional head to head, man vs man redfish tournament series in the nation.

The pros fishing the east and or west division will have to compete in just 3 events with limited travel if they want to be one of the few (top 10) from each division to make the Classic Championship. Once there, another first for the Elite Series, a NO ENTRY FEE Championship for the qualifiers with the top prize being a 22′ Skeeter Boat, Yamaha Outboard and McClain tandem axle trailer.

Another change coming in 2017 is lower entry fees. Just $5,500.00 to enter a 3 tournament division. This marks the lowest entry fees that the Elite Series has offered since it’s inception 3 years ago and in 2017 anglers can work, guide or practice on tournament waters without off limits restrictions. However, as in previous years, anglers will have to locate, catch and keep their own fish without outside help or information from anyone not registered to compete in the event and division 14 days prior to the first day of official practice. As of Monday the week of the event anglers can only practice with immediate family members, sponsors that are not guides, professional anglers or anyone considered experts, by the tour that are not competitors paid and competing in the same event. Read more on rules/procedures here.


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Finally, the top 10 point getters from the East will do battle against the top 10 point getters from the West at the NO ENTRY FEE Championship. And at this made for TV Championship, for the first time ever, they will do so in 2 round Match Play format followed by a 1 round shoot out for the Super 6. The top 10 from each division will be seated according to their seasonal points finish and much like a basketball tournament will do so 1 vs 10, 2 vs 9, etc.. 10 pros matched in 5 single elimination events, except for one angler.

The angler with the heaviest day 1 bag that happens to lose his/her match will get a 2nd chance and will re enter the event as part of day 2’s match play going against the match 1 winner. After the 5 matches have been paired to 3 in the east and the west, the winner of each of those 3 matches on day 2 will move on to day 3 and the Super 6. Day 3 will find each of the Super 6 heading out with their cameramen and in search of the heaviest limit of redfish they can catch.

This single day’s weight (day 3) will determine the place of finish for each of the Super 6 and while just 6 will be competing on day 3, 4 of the 6 anglers from day 2’s matches with the heaviest losing bags will also cut a check, doubling the total spots paid over 2015 and 2016 to 10. There is a lot of change coming in 2017 to the Elite Redfish Series, new sponsors, new formats, new stops and more. However, one thing that will not change is the professional production of the events and The Elite Series commitment to providing it’s pros with the highest amount of exposure, integrity and professional representation anywhere in professional redfishing today.

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